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How to Remove Paint with Air Compressor

It is recommendable to remove old peeling or loose paint from a surface before repainting. Even if you do not intend to re-coat the surface with fresh paint, there are various tasks that may call for paint removal. When this comes up, two main methods are often preferred; pressure washer and air compressor sandblasting.

Learning how to remove paint with an air compressor can be a daunting task as you will not only need the equipment but must also have the protective garment used when removing paint. Most people simply resort to hiring professionals which is a good decision.

However, you can always learn the process just in case you need to remove some paint from a small surface. Here is a brief look at how you can remove paint from various surfaces using the air compressor.


This is the more popular technique used for removing paints from metal and hard surfaces. It uses high pressure to rocked a pool of sand and other fine grain dust to the painted area coating anything along its path. The high pressure forces the sand to knock out the paint particles or leave them loosely attached to the surface. You can then easily sweep or sand away the remaining paint from the surface.
Sandblasting is a fairly effortless technique that is very effective in removing paint.


However, it does come with its unique set of cons. The technique is quite messy and will require major cleaning up if it is indoors. In fact, it is commonly performed outdoors as it blows sand and dust all over the place. You will need a mask and some boots to protect yourself from any risks and damages. You can purchase the equipment or even hire one from businesses that rent paint removal tools.

When sandblasting, make sure you keep the area free of any children or pets to avoid injuries. Do not use the method on buildings painted in the late 1970s or earlier since the paints contained lead up until 1978 when lead was burned from paints.

Using a pressure washer


Pressure washers are neat and very efficient as they use compressed air to force/rip off paint from the surface. These equipment come with a unique nozzle that allows high pressure compressed air through to blow away paint. However, most pressure washers use water rather than air and include scrubbing brushes that tear apart the paint before forcing it off the surface.

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Learning how to remove paint with air pressure should not take a lot of time, but you still need to prepare the area and cover other items and fixtures. It is generally advisable to involve professionals when removing paint from large surfaces. Sandblasting can be hazardous and inefficient techniques can damage your surfaces. Professionals often have profound experience in the field and are better suited to the task.

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