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Best Air Compressor for Painting Furniture


This is a machine that plays an important role when performing simple finishing tasks on furniture. These tasks include painting the furniture so as to obtain the desired quality of furniture that one needs. This machine saves a lot of time since it is able to perform this task of painting furniture very fast as compared to other machinery.This device has revolutionalized the carpentry industry since the carpenter does not need to paint the furniture manually.

This has enabled the carpenter to save his or her energy so that this energy can be channeled to other tasks.It is important to know that there are many types of air compressors in the market that perform the same function of painting furniture. However, it is important that you consider buying the best air compressor. This is because there could be more air compressors on the market that are of poor quality.

Faulty types of air compressors end up failing to perform their tasks as expected and may frustrate you. These faulty air compressors also make you incur more unnecessary costs that you could avoid. In this article, the best air compressor for painting furniture is well discussed in order for you to have the best.compressors-hero2

How it works

The air compressor works by a simple principle of pressure. This machine takes in air from the atmosphere through the inlet valve. At first, this air is at low velocity but due to the small inlet pipe, it is made to have more pressure since the outlet pipe has a larger radius compared to the inlet. These differences make air to have more pressure.

When its pressure decreases, the velocity also increases compared to the air in the compressor. On the other hand, the air in the paint is high pressure and low velocity as compared to the air from the atmosphere. Therefore, the paint is forced outwards via the nozzle due to compression from the pressure build up. The paint comes out in fine and tiny droplets.

The droplets move away from each other due to the acquisition of different charges that make them get attracted to the piece of furniture to be painted. These tiny paint droplets do not stick together since they acquire similar charges to each other. Hence they repel each other making them be far apart.

Features of a good air compressor for painting furniture

It is important you consider buying a good air compressor with the best features that will make it perform its tasks without breakdown.

It is recommended that you buy an air compressor that uses oil. This is because this type machine does produce not noise when operating. This noise results from friction that is produced between the moving parts of the machine. This friction can be a nuisance sometimes because it can produce unwanted noise that distracts or spoils one’s ears.

This friction also makes the parts of the machine to wear out easily. Oil also lubricates the moving parts so that these parts move with ease.

The power to be used when operating this machine is also something that needs to be considered when buying this machine. It is necessary for one to buy a gas operated machine since you can move it to any part that you would like to operate it from. Electric operated machines restrict you to work from one place that is next to a socket or if you have a long electric you can connect to. However, even connecting this electric cable may inconvenience you since you cant move with this machine to far places.

The horsepower of an air compressor should be considered so that it can be able to produce more paint once it is switched on. This saves a lot of time and energy that is used to paint. A quality air compressor painter should have large gallons that will accommodate the oil and air fully. Small gallons are not preferred since they reduce the amount of work done by the machine.

Importance of Air Compressor for painting

This machine is important because it saves times that is taken when manual spraying is done.It is also efficient since it enables you to have your furniture well sprayed compared to one has been done using a brush.

In conclusion, the best air compressor for painting furniture has the above-mentioned features. Therefore, this will help to solve any problem that one could have when choosing an air compressor for painting furniture.

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